Does SodaStream Syrup Expire?

SodaStream syrup does expire. In fact, it has two expiration dates — a best before before it’s opened, then a use by that’s activated once the seal is broken for the first time. You can find both of these on the label of the bottle near the barcode.

Out of all the flavours on offer, the live Soda Press Organic syrups have both the shortest best before and use by dates. This is because they contain live ingredients that go bad, similar to how a cucumber or lemon deteriorate over time.

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In most cases, Soda Press Organic syrups have a shelf life of around a month, which drops to two weeks after it’s opened. Formulated flavours like the Classic and Diet syrups can last for as long as year after being opened.

The important thing to take away from this is that SodaStream syrups do expire, and you’ll need to stick to these expiration dates. Like any consumable, ingesting them after they’ve started to deteriorate often in bonding time with the bathroom.